Curved To Fit

Guide to shaped wedding bands that sit alongside and compliment your engagement ring. 


A curved wedding band, sometimes called a shaped wedding band or contoured ring, is a wedding ring shaped to fit seamlessly beside another ring, usually an engagement or eternity ring.

A traditional wedding band is usually the same width and thickness the whole way around, but engagement rings often curve and narrow around precious stones. A curved wedding band is shaped to fit the unique contours of your engagement ring so that the two rings can be worn together.


Designing a curved wedding band especially for your engagement ring will create the perfect partner where they will sit together perfectly giving you a beautiful effect that feels comfortable and looks balanced.

When buying your wedding ring to sit alongside your engagement ring there are a few things to think about before you start.

The first one is the carat, choosing the same carat as your engagement ring can be very important to make sure they they don’t rub down on each other. For example if your engagement ring was a 18ct and your wedding ring was a 9ct the 18ct contains more pure gold so the 9ct would rub down on the 18ct. This is really important if you have stones set in your rings because they will rub down the settings meaning stones will fall out.

The other thing to think about is, now a days it’s amazing that you can have all different style engagement rings but when it comes to ordering your wedding ring, you will notice that a plain straight band will not sit flush to it.

This is where you have to start to look into curved wedding rings. There are loads of different styles and designs that can be made to create a curve around your engagement ring so it’s not a problem you just need to start looking for your wedding ring a bit earlier as this will take a little longer than a straight ring.

You are going to want to hear this!!

You don’t have to look into every ring, metal, and stone to know what you need because you have an engagement ring, you have something to start with, you use the same metal carat so they don’t rub against each other, you create it in the same shape so they match. The curve will be unique to the curve in your engagement ring so it’s not about picking a curved ring that will fit against yours it’s about creating one to fit.

Curved rings can be created in wax so you can see how they will look and feel before they are created in the metal.

Every ring is different

Here are a few curved rings I have created that will show you how different they all are and some that are alongside their engagement ring to show you how we incorporated ideas into the wedding ring to make them match.

Check out the Gallery for idea’s to see more curved wedding rings Stephanie has created for her clients.


When it comes to curved wedding rings it isn’t a one fits all.

There are two things that create a curved wedding ring
1. To shape around your engagement ring
2. Your personal design idea

The first one is to design it around your engagement ring. Have you ever seen someone with the same engagement ring as you? That’s because it’s unique and your wedding ring will also need to be a unique design. Each curve will be created differently to fit against your ring.

The second one being your style personality. Everyone has a personal idea of what they like so your ring will be created around your personality and style.

Still want to learn more? I have created a FREE PDF explaining more in depth three main curves that can be created to fit around engagement rings. Download to learn more.

  • Get in touch to arrange a meeting – fill out formemailphone

  • We will have a chat about your design over coffee

  • Once we have a design that represents you we will start your making journey

Having a ring made especially for you is an exciting experience. We’ll match the shape and weight of your rings so they sit perfectly together. Together we’ll create a ring you’ll love forever.

Just Love Them

“From start to Finish Stephanie was the loveliest person to work with, she made both our wedding rings, and talked us through the different finishes we could have, and what would work with my large awkward shaped engagement ring, it now sits perfectly underneath, which I never would have been able to get from a store, I can’t thank her enough, I just love them.”


Absolutely Wonderful

“Steph is absolutely wonderful. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm during the making process is amazing. Steph redesigned my engagement ring to enhance the existing stone with a beautiful new setting. She also created my new unique wedding ring to fit around my engagement ring and incorporating a stone from my late mother’s engagement ring. Both rings are stunning. Steph keeps you informed along the whole journey and sends progress photos which personalise her excellent service. I honestly could not be happier with my rings. Steph’s jewellery and skills really are exceptional. She is extremely talented and very lovely.”


It Fit's Perfectly

“Stephanie is an amazing young lady. From the first time we met her we knew she was the person we would like to make our wedding rings. Nothing was too much trouble. My ring needed a special indentation making in it to fit round the large stone of my engagement ring. It fits perfectly. She made the journey of our ring making stress free, weddings are stressful enough and there was none with our rings. We would highly recommend Steph to anyone wishing to have something special made for them.


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