Customer Journey Tegen & Reave

Tell us about your proposal?

The proposal happened In summer 2018 while we were on a big family holiday (Reaves sisters wedding reunion) in Cyprus. We took to the sky parasailing and while we were up how ever many feet in the air Reave untied the ring from the inside of his shorts and popped the question and even now I don’t know how he didn’t drop the ring.

How did you feel when you had to start looking for your rings?

We knew straight away after seeing Steph’s page on Facebook that we wanted bespoke rings, we both love having things that are unique and different, one of a kind.

Why was it important for you to have a bespoke ring?

It was important to design our rings and have them bespoke as they are something from your wedding that you keep and treasure forever. Neither of us wear much jewellery so with having Steph help us to decide what we would like and feel comfortable with was great especially fitting it round my engagement ring. We wanted them to feel really special to us and we loved the idea of having each other’s fingerprints on the inside of the rings.

Main reason you chose Stephanie to design and make your ring?

We chose Steph to make our rings as she was local to the area. Someone else who appreciates where we live in Cornwall and our beautiful surroundings.

What was it like receiving the photos of your rings being made and how did it make you feel?

Receiving the photos of our rings and seeing each process was amazing, it’s so cool how they are made and the different things they use to make them. It really made us feel like this is actually happening we will be wearing these rings one day that symbolise our marriage.

Your favourite part of the journey?

Receiving the photos of our rings at each different stage and seeing the progress being made.

How does it feel now you have your dream ring?

After waiting a year and a half to finally get to wear them we are loving them still as much as the day we first met Steph for a design meeting and some pictures were drawn of what they could be like. They are so comfy, fit perfectly with my engagement ring and are just beautiful.

What does your ring mean to you?

And even more now after having to wait to wear them. Symbolises the start of our family.

Any tips you can give to couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy every minute no matter how big or small your day is, enjoy it and always catch each other’s eyes throughout the day.

Any other comments?

Just another massive Thankyou to Steph for our rings, we would recommend her to everyone!!

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