Lucy & Lucy – Customer Journey

Tell us about your proposal 🙂

I proposed to my wife 6 months after meeting her. I just immediately knew she was the one, my soulmate and I knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. I planned to propose on our 6 month anniversary up on Bodmin Moor looking down onto where we met for our first date. (Sibleyback lake). On a summers morning we walked up on the moors with champagne in my rucksack and the engagement ring in my pocket. We climbed to the summit and looked down to the lake where we first met. I went down on one knee and proposed. I knew I wanted a bespoke ring as I wanted to pop the question with a one in a million engagement ring that nobody else would ever have. That would mean so much to both of us.

How did you feel when you had to start looking for your rings?

I didn’t think the process of finding somebody to make a bespoke ring would be easy but it was actually a lot easier than expected. I knew I wanted the ring to be made in Cornwall and by someone with such a passion . I searched and felt an immediate connection to Stephanie, it was clear that she had such talent and a love for designing and making bespoke jewellery.

How did you hear about Stephanie Stevens Jewellery?

I found Stephanie through online searches for bespoke jewellery in Cornwall. Her approach and website soon caught my eye and after looking at her social media etc and making direct contact with her I knew without question that I wanted Stephanie to make my engagement ring. I loved working with Steph so much that we also got her to make our bespoke wedding rings too.

Why was it important for you to have a bespoke ring?

I wanted to have something unique and personalised. I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the engagement ring to look. I couldn’t find anything similar to how I pictured it in jewellery shops so I knew I had to design it and get Steph to make it for me. I wanted the engagement ring to make my wife feel extra special, extra loved and to know that I put so much thought, love and passion into designing a ring that I knew would be perfect for her.

Main reason you chose Stephanie to design and make your ring?

I choose Steph to design the ring as I immediately felt connected to her. It was so obvious how much passion she has for what she does and how talented she is. I felt at ease and knew that it would be easy to discuss what I was hoping for in an engagement ring. I knew she would understand my vision and be able to create it for me.

What was it like receiving the photos of your ring being made and how did it make you feel?

It was amazing to get photo updates of the ring being made. It made the journey more special as I could see my design coming to life. It made me feel so proud and excited. And we now have photos for life of the rings being made. An eternal memory along with the rings themselves. My wife saw the photos after the proposal and it made the ring more special for her getting to see it being made from scratch and visualising the journey I went through getting it made for her.

Your favourite part of the journey?

My favourite part of the journey was describing to Stephanie how I wanted the ring to look and then actually seeing them visually coming together as I imagined. However getting to meet Stephanie at the end and collect our rings in person was also fantastic. It was a very special moment for both my wife and I when we collected our wedding bands. We both became tearful and overwhelmed with emotion.

Any tips you can give to couples planning their wedding?

Take your time when planning your wedding. Do what you want and have it how you want it rather than how you think it should be. Do some research on suppliers and providers before you commit to anyone. Read reviews, talk to people directly and go with your gut feeling. I would definitely recommend having bespoke rings made though as it does make the whole engagement and wedding feel more magical. We would 100% recommend Stephanie to making your rings.

How does it feel now you have your dream rings?

It feels amazing to now have three dream bespoke rings between us. One stunning engagement ring and two unique and beautiful wedding bands. It is a fantastic feeling to have rings so special to mark the once in a lifetime event of getting married. We often look at our rings and it feels great knowing they are so individual and that we designed them. They are so special to us.

What does your rings mean to you?

Our rings mean so much to us. They are such a huge symbol of our love for one another and how we feel about each other. We designed our rings with Cornwall in mind as its where we met and they symbolise our beginning and future together. The rings truly are amazing and they mean so much to us. Knowing we had bespoke wedding rings and an engagement ring to both propose and say our vows too made the moments extra special.

Any other comments?

We would definitely recommend Steph for making any jewellery particularly wedding and engagement rings however she is so talented she can make any special, personalised or sentimental jewellery for any occasion. We will certainly be returning to Steph in the future for other special and personalised jewellery for anniversaries etc.

After using Steph to create both our magical engagement ring and wedding bands I also enlisted her help to make some gorgeous drop diamond earrings. I wanted to give my bride something special on the morning of our wedding as a surprise to go with her incredible dress so I designed some drop earrings and Steph yet again made them to perfection. They looked absolutely stunning, and were breath taking. More memories and everlasting jewellery from such a special and precious occasion.

Credit of Wedding photos – Thomas Frost

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