Top tips from real brides & grooms



“Enjoy every single minute of your day and take in your friends and family enjoying the day you’ve been waiting so long for. Also take time to spend with each other on the day.”



“If you want a ring that is a one off creation, and made especially for you, on what should be the beginning of the most happiest times of your lives, then a ring by Steph is a great start.”

“In terms of rings try and go for something that suits your personality. With the wedding itself I’d say, plan knowing that it might all change on the day. Don’t be extravagant just because you think you have to. Don’t worry what other people think of your plans. Be individual. Be bespoke. Plan at least one thing you’ve never seen at a wedding. And lastly, just relax.”


“Don’t weigh yourselves down with fear or the desire to have a grand wedding. We could have got married in a tiny office but it meant so much for us to see so many friends & family members. You’ll remember who was there and not what was there!”

Credit to photos from Camel Studio Bridal Shoot

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