Choosing The Perfect Stone

How do I know if I will choose the right stone?

This is a question I get asked more than I ever thought.

It’s something that worries people a lot more than you think, but I can promise you it’s nothing to worry about.

First you will have a small idea of what stone you would like, whether it’s a diamond, coloured stone, the shaping and the size.

With a diamond you choose via the 4c’s to get the best quality and then you can also look into different types of diamonds like Ocean Diamonds.

With coloured stones it’s more about the colour that will get you excited and know which one to go for. When looking at coloured stones we order in a range or sizes and colours and you will instantly know which one you love from the line up. The minute you see it you will know it’s the one.

The best thing to do would be to have a look through photos of rings and start to gather some photos of stones you like so you can start to see what stands out to you. Create a Pinterest board so you can see all the ones you have gathered in one place.

Once you have some ideas together get in touch and we can start to search for your dream stone. 

If you would like to learn more about the 4c’s check out our blog where it explains everything you need to know.

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