Your questions

Your questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions


Stephanie Stevens Jewellery creates bespoke Cornish occasion jewellery specialising in wedding and engagement rings. Giving you the experience of taking you on the making journey of your rings being created.  

Stephanie works from her studio in St.Ives Cornwall. All commissions are arranged via email or phone to a meeting in a St.Ives Cafe or over face time. 

Meetings are by appointment only. You will only visit the studio if you are coming to collect your commission otherwise meetings take place at a cafe over coffee. 

Ring Making Process

Meet Stephanie in a favourite St. Ives cafe, or through zoom, to talk about your special occasion and design ideas.

Your design

​Receive your priced design proposal within 7 days of your meeting


The making journey
​Keep in touch with Stephanie and your emerging ring with a visual diary.

​A quick trip to the Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking is a landmark in your making journey.


Defining Details
​Your ring comes to life with the addition of any texture, curve, engraving or stone-setting in your design.

A final polish
Collect your piece from Stephanie in person, or let us organise secure delivery of your jewellery.

​Stephanie will be your designer, she will ask you questions to get to know you and your life style, talk you through different design ideas and work with you to create a design that’s unique to you.
​Of course! Steph would love to hear from you, she wants you to look at her as your personal jeweller, she will help with any questions you may have, any design ideas you might have going on in your head and be able to tell you more about the process.
You can indeed, Steph will take photos along the way as she is creating your ring and send you them via email so you can watch the process and be part of the making journey.
If you don’t live locally and can’t meet to try on the ring sizer, it is best to try a ring sizer in a local jewellers near you. Steph will make the ring to the size you give her. Alternately you can have an international ring sizer posted to you.

When ordering rings, it is your responsibility to ensure you order the correct size. A Ring ordered in the incorrect size can be re-sized, but this will be subject to a charge. Ring sizing charges start at £60.


Wedding rings start at £920 and Engagement Rings start at £2000. Depending on the metal and stones required will determine your price. The best thing to do is fill out the one of the design forms to get a quote. If you have a budget you would like to stick to email Steph and she will work with you to design a ring around your budget.

The best way to get a quote is to fill in one of the design forms. Steph will then email with a quote for your design. Or you could book in for a design meeting and you can work through the design together.

There will be a 50% deposit required after you have discussed your design to start creating your ring and the you will pay the final remaining 50% balance just before your collect your ring.

With bespoke commissions we do not take returns or refunds, the reason being is the design is created especially for you. The idea of you being able to see your ring come together in the making journey ensures that you will be happy with your ring at the end because you have watched it come together. While I am creating it and sending you photos this is the time where you can change any design ideas in the middle of the process if something isn’t right.

I am booked up months in advance and it’s only me so I am only able to take a certain amount of meetings a month. Each order it important to me and I am in touch all the time sending photos of the rings being made so each client is treated the same with a special experience.


Once you have paid your first deposit this is when the process starts. A plain band typically takes between 8-10 weeks to complete. Rings with details such as stones and engraving take between 10-12 weeks.​ Please ensure you give yourself enough time to design your ring at the start.

Rings can usually be designed within a 40 minute meeting. Steph will talk through all the design ideas and work out with you a design that suits you or your partners personality and lifestyle.

The best way to get an idea of what designs you like is to go on to Pinterest and start saving rings you like in a board. Once you have a few rings in there you will start to see a pattern of one design that catches your eye the most. Once you have done that add Steph into your board and she will be able to talk through the different designs with you and start to create a ring that is perfect for you.
Whether you draw the design or find photos of rings that have your design idea in it. Send a photo over to Steph and she will be able to get an idea of what you like.

​With all ring commissions, postage will be included. If you are posting for alterations or polishing, postage charge will start at £7.50.

All rings will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery so you will receive your ring the next day before 1pm. You will need to be in to sign for it. If you would like to arrange a delivery address please advise when you order your ring.
If you would like to track your order we can provide you with the tracking number.

You can check out Gallery or Review pages on the website. Commission photos can also be seen on Instagram and Facebook pages. 
If you have a particular design in mind get in touch and Steph will send you specific photos of that style.