5 top tips to designing an engagement ring

Knowing where to start with a ring design for your partner is one of the most exciting and terrifying things to do. This does not mean, because you don’t know where to start you have to just pick one off the shelf.


You’ve probably experienced more marriage proposals than you realise. Just think of all those films, novels and tv dramas that end happily thanks to one simple question: Will you marry me?

Thankfully this means when it’s your turn to propose you know exactly what to do.

But there’s one thing the movies hardly ever show: how did the nervous hero come by this perfectly fitting, show-stopping engagement ring!?

Having it made bespoke means so much more and means you can show them how much effort you really put into designing the ring especially for your loved one.

“Creating an engagement ring is so personal. For me, that’s part of the romance. In the past, couples have incorporated precious stones inherited from loved family members or designs that reference a special place or time for the couple. It’s these personal touches that give the engagement ring its real value.” Stephanie


What should I consider when designing an engagement ring?

Once you begin searching for engagement ring inspiration, things can become overwhelming very quickly.  The variety of materials and styles on offer may be more extensive than you had expected. Allergies, personal tastes, skin tone and bone structure are all considerations. Then there’s the significance of different metals, stones and engravings to think about. 

Perhaps the most confusing thing of all is price. Two rings that look very similar may have prices that differ by thousands of pounds. Faced with this, it’s difficult to know who to trust and whether you are making a good investment. This is where your personal jeweller fits in. Stephanie’s approach and experience enables you to see your ring evolve, participating in a design that suits you in every way. 

“Stephanie made my engagement ring and it is absolutely stunning! My fiancé was able to see my ring being made with step by step pictures and updates. The communication was great! It was also nice for me to see them too as it really is a custom piece. We both highly recommend Stephanie for her craftsmanship and professionalism. Thank you, Steph!” 

  1. Plan ahead for a relaxed proposal and engagement. An engagement ring with details such as a stone or engraving takes Stephanie between 8-10 weeks to complete.
  2. Take inspiration from the jewellery they already wear. Is there a piece of jewellery they wear everyday? Why? Is it simple and elegant, big and bold? Is it the weight, a particular metal or style? This is all important information and Stephanie will ask you these questions and many more! At the start of your Making Journey 
  3. The engagement ring needs to suit their lifestyle & personality. Would they like a simple single stone or more of a big stone in the middle with little stones down the shank? What about coloured stones? Think about their hobbies, would a rub over setting be more appropriate for them, making it ideal to know that they won’t catch any claws. Or would claws be better to make the stones all stand out and give it that traditional feel. Stone Settings
  4. Get to know the jeweller making your engagement ring. Creating jewellery for one person is a personal process and it’s important you trust your jeweller. To get to know Stephanie better, read her about page or get in touch directly.
  5. The best engagement ring is one that tells a story. Stephanie can incorporate meaningful stones, engraving and other design details into your unique engagement ring. It’s nice to have something more interesting to say than “thanks” when someone compliments their ring.

Arrange a meeting with Stephanie today


Start to collect photos of engagement rings that you like either saving screen shots to your phone or creating a Pinterest board, once you have picked a few you like the look of, add me to your board or email over the photos and we will be able to have a chat about what you like most about them and in no time we will have designed the perfect ring. 

I am here as your personal jeweller where you can ask me all the questions you have and I will talk you through the important designs that will make your ring personal to your partner

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