5 unique ways to propose during the coronavirus

With the situation we are in at the moment who doesn’t need some good news in their life and what better time to do it. You are spending everyday together, going on your walks, rides or whatever you are doing for your 1 outing a day.

1. On your one outing pick a walk that has the perfect spot to get down on one knee.

We can still get out especially on the sunny days. When the sun is shining, everywhere you walk looks beautiful so add to that nice day with a surprise proposal.

2. Organise date night, cook them a special meal and propose in the comfort of your own home.

We all need to try and keep some normality and having date night every now and then will keep us excited to get ready at least once a week. On one of your date nights making it even more special.

3. Attach the ring to the dogs collar.

We all know how much we love our dogs and knowing they are part of the big surprise makes it that little bit more special

4. Involve the children by setting up a treasure hunt for your partner to help find the prize

Make it fun for the kids as well. Get them involved and make it a special time for them too.

5. Arrange for friends and family to go on a face chat and each of them hold up the letters to read ‘will you marry me?’

We can’t be with our friends and families at the moment but it doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. You can all have champagne at the ready when they say yes.

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