Cornish Summertime

Havas means Summer-time. This collection is inspired by beautiful Cornish summers and Cornish flowers in bloom. The two middle flowers in this design move which reflects how the flowers sway in the summer breeze.

I wanted to make sure my flower were different from the rest, so I researched lots of different leaves and petals. The flower shape I went with was one of the petals from a lily pad. The inspiration I had for this collection was from the flowers blowing in the summer breeze so I wanted to make sure the flowers moved while you wear them.

‘Different & Unique’

The flowers are all hand sawn out of silver sheet and domed to make them sit in each other.

Here’s a photo collage from start to finish of making a pair of studs.

As they are hand sawn each flower will be slightly different and unique in there own way.

‘Yellow or Rose Gold’

They can be made with a Yellow or Rose gold middle.

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