Customer Journey – Navlette

Nav came to me as she wanted to design a new wedding ring. When she brought her wedding ring she didn’t know she was able to have a ring with a curve to fit alongside her engagement ring, this was something she needed as her ring was set with 3 amethyst’s so they stuck out a lot either side of the band.

How did you find me and what were the main reasons you chose me to design and make your ring?

I have always liked your great creations both in the physical and in your display book. As these appeared to be only in silver, I hadn’t thought that gold would be possible . As a result of my illness, my hands have changed shape slightly and consequently, my wedding band no longer fitted me. I was sad about this and was talking to Adrian about replacing it when he suggested asking you if you worked with gold as well as silver.

What was it like receiving the photos of your ring being made and how did it make you feel?

Bearing in mind, we live about 400 miles away, you explained the process to us brilliantly. We were able to have some time with you whilst we were there designing it, and then the rest of the time, you communicated via email/texts/Royal Mail – all of which were great. It was very exciting receiving emails/texts to keep us up to date with progress and be kept in the loop.

Your favourite part of the journey working with me?

I loved all of the journey. From the initial start when the band was just plain to the finish whereby the end result is gorgeous, delicate and sparkly.

Any tips you can give to brides and grooms?

If you want a ring that is a one off creation, and made especially for you, on what should be the beginning of the most happiest times of your lives, then a ring by Steph is a great start.

Any other comments?

Steph really is one of those rare breeds. She takes immense pride in her work is very honest and also a perfectionist. Her creations are stunning and it is clear to see that everything she makes is done so  with love. Adrian and I are absolutely delighted with my wedding band. We will be celebrating 20 years of marriage next month. My beautiful wedding ring is a very dear reminder of the happiness we have shared. Thank you so much Steph.

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