Customer Journey – Trish

​Trish wanted a necklace that represented her and her husband and reminded them of beautiful St.Ives

How did you find me?

I already knew you from our visits to St. Ives and the work you had done for me.

Why was it so important for you to have a bespoke piece?

Partly to complement the piece I already own but also as a memory of the time my husband and I spent together in St. Ives. We get little time together to holiday and I wanted the memory to be turned into something I could treasure.

Main reason you chose me to design and make your necklace?

I instinctively knew that I wanted you to make the necklace for me as I owned a bracelet already. I was so pleased with that, that you were the only choice as I wanted a piece to complement it.

What was it like receiving the photos of your necklace being made and how did it make you feel?

The photos were a pleasant surprise it is good to see progress reports and know that what has been promised is being hand crafted.

Your favourite part of the journey working with me?

I think without doubt the favourite part was planning the item and discussing it with you and my husband so that together we designed a lasting memory.

Any other comments?

Comments, what can I order next I wonder??

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