How to design your dream ring

It’s hard to know where to start when designing your ring, you might be thinking, how do I know what I like? Where do I start with a design? I don’t know what styles I like. These are all the questions that run through our heads but let me start to narrow it down for you.

Vision Board

The first thing I always tell anyone to do before we have a meeting is to collect a couple of photos of rings that they really like, the ones that stand out to them the most. Whether you screen shot some from the internet or make a Pinterest board this is a great way to get yourself started with a vision board.

There are two main reasons for a vision board, 

– the first one is to give me an idea of what you like, there are so many different styles, designs and idea that can be incorporated into a ring so it’s ideal to give me a starting point. 

– Secondly you might be thinking I don’t have a clue what I want, this is a great way to start putting rings together and once you have saved a few you will start to look at the rings differently and start narrowing down what you like and dislike about them.

You will notice it might be the stone setting you like, the band style, the colour of the stone these are all different ideas you will pick up on when you have a load of ring photos in front of you.

From your vision board I am able to see what styles and settings you like, I can ask you questions about each idea and this will start to get you thinking, in no time we will have started to piece together your design.

Once you have your vision board, book a meeting with Steph and add her to the board so you can start discussing your dream ring.

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