Kirsty & Steve

Steve & Kirsty wanted their special day to represent them both, so they gathered their ideas together and one of the first things on their list was to find their wedding rings…

I recently chatted with them about why they chose me to take on the challenge.

“I looked online and in loads of jewellers” said Kirsty “but couldn’t find the ring I pictured in my head. You were recommended to me by one of my bridesmaids who had her wedding ring made by you.”

“We really wanted wedding rings that were bespoke and special to us and not “off the shelf”” remembers Steve

“We were so happy knowing they were made by a local crafts-person!”

I always meet potential clients in person early on in the process as it really helps both the clients & myself to get a sense of exactly what they’re looking for.

“After meeting with you at a local cafe it literally blew my mind how personal your service was going to be” Kirsty recalls.

Sometimes deciding on a wedding ring design can feel like a really big decision and to begin with Steve wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted…

“I especially didn’t make it easy as I wasn’t sure what sort of design I wanted for my ring. You were so patient and super accommodating to my indecision. We were amazed at the work you put in, testing ideas and giving us examples to view. It really helped me make my decision”.

“I couldn’t believe how much work you put into our rings.” remembers Kirsty. “No other jeweller could have provided us with that.”

When I asked them what their favourite part of the ring making journey was Steve said:

“My favourite part was when I realised that I actually wanted a really simple design and obviously when you delivered the finished rings! It made the whole thing real”

Kirsty remembers fondly:

“Knowing that someone was putting so much love & effort into something that mattered so much to us. It didn’t feel like an everyday job. It felt like you cared and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our special journey. Seeing the photos you sent to us during the process of making the rings was unbelievable and really added to excitement leading up to the big day”.

That’s the power of bespoke handmade wedding rings. They’re made with love, care & attention and they hold special memories.

Finally I asked Kirsty & Steve for any tips they could give to brides and grooms.

Steve said:

“In terms of rings try and go for something that suits your personality”.

“With the wedding itself I’d say, plan knowing that it might all change on the day.

Don’t be extravagant just because you think you have to. Don’t worry what other people think of your plans.

Be individual. Be bespoke. Plan at least one thing you’ve never seen at a wedding. And lastly, just relax”.

Kirsty said:

“Don’t weigh yourselves down with fear or the desire to have a grand wedding. We could have got married in a tiny office but it meant so much for us to see so many friends & family members. You’ll remember who was there and not what was there”!

Credit to Nick Walker for the amazing photos.

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