Stone Setting

​When it comes to designing your ring, the stone setting is one of the most important and hardest decisions to make. Each setting will stand out to you differently depending on the way you want it to look and the way it would suit your lifestyle.

If you use your hands a lot a bezel, flush or channel maybe something that stands out to you because you would feel comfortable wearing it knowing it won’t catch on anything.

Vision board

Still finding it hard to know what setting you like best? I have an idea of you, whether its just taking screen shots of ring images online or you start a Pinterest board, this is a way to be able to start your own vision board. Vision Board’s are perfectly to be able to filter through the different rings that catch your eye and pick out the ones you like the most and what details you like about them. After you have a few photo’s you will start to see a pattern, whether they all have the same setting, they are made in the same metal, whether they have added stones in the shank. These are all the details that will start to bring together your design and before you know it you will have pictured your ring and be able to create your very own bespoke ring.

To help you get started I have created a Stone Setting board on my Pinterest, take a look and start your vision board today.

Once you have some rings saved, share your board with me and we will arrange a meeting over coffee to start your design.

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Ring anatomy

Something that might help you, is learning the Anatomy of a ring and also a diamond, this will give you a head start in knowing the details and technical words for what you are looking for when searching for designs.

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