The ‘Stand-In’ Ring

How to solve the problem of finding the perfect engagement ring.

The biggest and main problem you have when looking for an engagement ring is how to know what your partner will like, you essentially have to choose an incredibly important piece of jewellery that they will be wearing for the rest of their life, not an easy feat by any means.

For a guide on where to start when looking into an engagement ring then please take a look at this step by step guide. If however you have looked into this and are still unsure then we have the perfect alternative option. 

If only your loved one was able to design their own perfect engagement ring and you just had to buy it for them, this couldn’t fail. The problem you face is the surprise element, one of the magical moments of a proposal is the fact that your soon to be fiancee is completely unaware of the whole process.

We have all heard stories of people who have proposed with Haribo rings, or with similar alternatives, and although these may work fine for some, your partner may be someone who appreciates a fine crafted piece of jewellery and has been dreaming about this day for a very long time.

The ‘Stand-In’ Ring:

Taking the risk out of your proposal, Stephanie has created a simple casted silver ring that has a classic solitaire setting with either a CZ artificial diamond, or a variety of gemstones. This is a classic and safe option to propose with and once the surprise is over you can then explain that you will be able to work together with Stephanie to design the perfect engagement ring that they have always dreamt of.

Not only does this method remove any risk, but the price of this ‘Stand-In’ ring is offset against the price of your final engagement ring, meaning it costs you no more than if you had proposed with perfect ring in the first place.

To ensure we can keep the price affordable the ‘Stand-In’ ring range is only cast in one size, size M which is the average woman’s engagement ring finger size. Chances are that this may not be the perfect fit, but once you begin the design process you can have the ring resized so that your fiancee can wear this on any finger they like.

Browse the full set of ‘Stand-In’ rings here.

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