What is bespoke?

Other words that are similar are made to order, tailor made, custom made, one off design.

With bespoke you can make the design as personal to you as you want as you start from scratch. It will be a one off made especially for you.

Bespoke is perfect for engagement rings, wedding rings, special anniversaries or birthdays to be able to design a unique piece that is so special and you know no one else will have.​

As you will know my passion for jewellery is that ‘jewellery is made with a meaning’ which is why I love working in this way.


The bespoke journey is as exciting as the actually piece itself. Its the planning of what you want to incorporate and what you want it to represent.

You don’t always have to come up with an idea. Are you thinking I don’t know where to start?

Here’s a few things that I ask to start to paint a picture:

What do you like, what do you dislike, what do you do as a job, what are your hobbies. These are things that will help to work out what item of jewellery will be best for you and what ideas you might want to consider. Talking to a designer can help you put the pieces together and they can suggest ideas you never knew were possible.

For me the making is just as important as the finished piece of jewellery. With each commission I am always in touch with my clients throughout the making and take them on the making journey with me.


Bespoke doesn’t always have to mean expensive, you are the one designing it and because its being made from scratch your design can be created within your budget.

The reason its so hard to get an average price when working in bespoke is that no item will be the same. There is so many different aspects that can change the price so I always suggest to start to work on some ideas of design, once you have a starting price you can then ask to have it priced in a different metal or size.

Why bespoke:

Why would you want to go down the bespoke road?

From an initial idea made in to a piece of jewellery is so magical and is so much more special than just going out and buying a piece that is made to sell or one that is made in batch that someone else will also have.

Jewellery is something that is a keep sake and if you have it made personally for you it means so much more. It will always be a special piece that you will treasure forever and may even be pasted down as an heirloom.

Do you love the idea of bespoke? Are you ready to start your journey?

Get in touch and I will be so happy to help you design and create your unique bespoke jewellery.

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