Shoreline Ring

I am so excited to show you this ring 🙂

I absolutely loved working with Andrea to make this special ring for her 50th Birthday.

This is not the sort of ring I would make normally because I had to do it in a way I don’t usually work.

This ring had the design of it wanting to look like it came out of the sea, like it was washed up on the shore.

To create this texture I had to do a technique called reticulation, this creates the top of the metal on the band to move around.

The trouble with this is the metal gets very weak when doing this, so we created this in a silver band and then had it casted in gold. (casting is the method that I don’t usually work in)

The best thing about this was, we could heat up the silver band as much as we wanted to make sure we got the perfect texture.

As Andrea doesn’t live close by, she holidays down here each year, this was a way that I was able to create it and send it to her so she could try it on and make sure she was 100% happy before we had it casted.

After having it casted that was when we started working out where the diamonds should go. We had already looked through all the ways to have them set, so we had that idea but they needed to sit in all the different parts of the ring so that they looked like they belonged there and gave an overall subtle appearance.

I am so thankful to Andrea for asking me to make such an important, special ring for her. It has been amazing to work on and also work alongside her. This is a very unique ring that has had a lot of work and design detail put into it.

“I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with you. It’s been a great partnership. You are so talented. I’m really grateful for your patience and the way you really listened to what I was aiming for! Every time I look at it I think of Cornwall and the sea and the beaches and how happy I am when I’m there, which is all I ever wanted. So thank you with all my heart.”

Check out the photo below of how it’s come together.

A big thank you to:-
Hean Studio for casting, Rob Smith for setting the Stones and Steve at Edit My Snaps for editing the final photos.

Do you have an idea of a ring you would really like? Get in touch and I will be so happy to be able to help you create it. 🙂

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